The love for beautiful Vera Bradley handbags, tote bags, purses, backpacks, wallets, garment bags, shoulder bags and other women's handbag accessories continues to grow stronger than ever among women of all age groups in North America. Vera Bradley handbag collectors are very loyal shoppers and dedicated fans of the company's creative and dynamic product line of fabric handbags for women. These designer women's baga also make great gifts for many occasions like birthdays or holidays like Christmas.  Popular colors and designs are selling out this holiday season so don't wait to long to buy one if you need a gift. Vera Bradley handbag shoppers are always on the lookout for the latest handbag designs that can come out each season. These dedicated shoppers are always excited over the new, trendy, fun and colorful styles and fabrics that has always been part of Vera Bradley handbag’s signature look. Aside from its great aesthetic quality, the functionality and durability of these handbags also uphold their reputation as one of the top manufacturers of designer women handbags. Every year, Vera Bradley introduces new color and styles for each season. Because Vera Bradley is consistent in releasing new designs of their bags every season, you will always find great discount sales and online bargain specials on past popular Vera Bradley handbags. If you are shopping for the best sale discounts on brand new Vera Bradley bags, browse through our links to find a good selection of new and retired fabric patterns to choose from. Vera Bradley released their Summer line of colors so check out all of these new designs!

New Vera Bradley Summer 2014 Colors are here!

Fanfare Summer ColorFlower Shower Summer Color
Flutterby Summer ColorPetal Paisley Color


Vera Bradley Spring 2014 Colors!

Blue Bayou Spring ColorCitron Spring Color
Clementine Spring ColorJulep Tulip Spring Color



canterberry magenta handbag

New Vera Bradley Winter 2013 Colors are here!

Heather Hipster

Vera Bradley Fall 2013 Colors!

tutti frutti vera bradleyThe new Vera Bradley Summer 2013 colors and designs are here!


midnight blue bagThe Spring Colors for 2013 are here!


vera bradley ribbons winter 2012The Winter Colors & Styles for 2012!


Va Va Bloom Fall Color 2012 Vera BradleyNew Fall Colors & Styles for 2012!


Doodle Daisy Summer Color 2012 Vera BradleyNew Summer Colors & Styles for 2012!


Ellie Blue Spring 2012 Vera BradleyNew Spring Colors & Styles for 2012 released in January:


Tea Garden Vera BradleyThe Winter Colors & Styles for 2011 released last September:


Happy Snails Vera BradleyThe New Fall Colors & Styles for 2011 released last July:


The New Summer Colors & Styles for 2011 released in March.

New Spring Colors & Styles for 2011 released in January.

As a handbag collector, you can rely on Vera Bradley officially releasing new color and design patterns for each season of the year! Last year, Vera Bradley introduced beautiful fabric colors and styles in 2010 for winter, fall, summer, and spring seasons so make sure to shop and check out those new color and patterns too.

New Winter 2010 Colors Vera Bradley Bags Sale Winter Colors

Fall Colors

Summer Colors

Spring Colors

Vera Bradley Rosy Posies Spring Color 2012 SaleThe American handbag design company Vera Bradley is well known for their very intricate patterns, and the new color patterns for this year are just as classy and luxurious as ever. The company releases new colors and designs for their product line up four times a year. So you don't want to forget about the other colors that were introduced to shoppers earlier this year.

For example, there are many new designs that were showcased for the Vera Bradley outlet sale 2012. For the Spring 2012 collection, Vera Bradley released Ellie Blue, Camellia, Island Blooms, and Rosy Posies last January. The new Summer colors for 2012 were released on March 22, featuring Doodle Daisy, Lime Up, Priscilla Pink, and Summer Cottage. The new Fall colors for 2012 were released in June featuring Va Va Bloom, Paisley Meets Plaid, Indigo Pop, Canyon, Provencal, and Portobello Road. You can also still shop for past popular colors and styles released in 2011. If you are looking for older or retired handbag designs and colors, try browsing through our retired Vera Bradley bags page in our menu.

If you want to go back further in the history of Vera Bradley, the 2010 Spring Collection for handbags is available in four amazing colors: Love Me, Sittin’ in a Tree, Totally Turq, and Poppy Fields. These patterns are inspired by the aesthetic standards of certain eras, giving the handbags a very homey and vintage feel.

For instance, the Sittin in a Tree spring pattern gives off this 1950s feel. The pattern is composed of citrine green patterns on a primarily earthy brown bag, with some white details. Looking at it closely, one will see turquoise birds on the green and white flower patterns, completing the nature motif of the handbag. The end result is a relaxed and earthy.

Poppy Fields, meanwhile, is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a bag with flower prints and patterns in red, yellow, purple, and white colors, accentuated by a black background. This spring 2010 Vera Bradley bag is said to be inspired by a dress made during the 1940s; because of this, it has a very vintage feel as well, although it is more romantic and feminine, compared to the Sittin in a Tree’s more rooted and strong design.

Loves Me is all 1960s. Inspired by a 60s textile design, the bag itself is decorated with oversized pink daisies, up to the very handle. If the Sittin in a Tree is strong and Poppy Fields is feminine, Loves Me screams fun and youthful despite its decade-old original design (Vera Bradley did some alterations on the original textile design).

Plum Petals Vera Bradley fall color 2011And then there’s Totally Turq’, which could be described as a more modern version of the Sittin in a Field pattern. As the name of the pattern suggests, this Vera Bradley Spring Collection piece is primarily turquoise in color. Accentuated by medallion designs, Totally Turq’ is light on the eyes and is a perfect fashion companion to any trendy piece of clothing. Cheerful with a very solid design, the Totally Turq’ is predicated to be one of the most popular bags of spring. The spring bags of Vera Bradley are available in seven new bag styles: Alice, Angle Tote, Emma, Frannie, Get Carried Away Tote, Reversible Tote, and Large Hobo.

So keep an eye out for today's daily low price specials on new cheap Vera Bradley bags. Shop and save up to 30%, 50% and even 70% off the retail price by buying online! New handbag bargains at amazing discount prices are posted daily so bookmark this page to stay updated on the latest discount sales on Vera Bradley bags!

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Here's are the new Vera Bradley Summer 2012 colors and designs that came out!

Doodle Daisy Summer 2012 Vera BradleyLime Up Summer 2012 Vera BradleyPriscilla Pink Summer 2012 Vera BradleySummer Cottage Summer 2012 Vera Bradley

We also received news on the new Spring Colors for 2013. These colors include Plum Crazy, Go Wild, Midnight Blues, and Jazzy Blooms. We will release more details soon!